Snow Pearly
White Twirly

A Fairytale About an Adventurous Little Snowflake!


Monika Vix

Monika Vix, author and composer, born 1951, studied music education in Hamburg, Germany. She founded her own music school, Ton & Klang, in 1979. She teaches music to children of all ages. Her 30 years of experience have inspired her to compose and write children’s musical, children’s songs as well as short stories and fairytales. This is her first published children’s book in the USA.


Volker Lettkemann

Volker Lettkemann, illustrator, born 1961, grew up on the Baltic Sea, studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. He has been an caricaturist, animation graphic designer, game and media art teacher since the mid 80s. He works for media companies as well as for schools and universities, nonprofit organizations, and neighborhood citizens’ initiatives. “As in ‘real life’ I prefer the art to be a playful improvisation over a rigid composition.” This is his first published illustration in the USA.


Claudia Raschke

Claudia Raschke, publisher & cinematographer, born 1959, studied Art in Hamburg, Germany and Film Production in New York City. Her career as an award-winning cinematographer started in 1990. She has photographed independent feature films and documentaries for over 20 years and is best known for her smooth hand-held camera work and chiaroscuro lighting style. Claudia lives with her husband and her two children in New York City.